Covid-19 Travel Resources

May 14, 2020 | Megan Kinnaird
In a rapidly changing world impacted by the presence of COVID-19, it can be difficult to keep track of exactly what’s going on in the tourism sector.

What are the latest updates from airlines across the world? What can your business be doing to boost your online presence? When do the experts believe travel will open up again?

Here, we highlight a number of useful COVID-19 resources for individuals in the travel and tourism industry, including live blogs, recovery strategies, news portals and current digital marketing trends. 

Interactive Travel Regulations Map

IATA together with Timatic Sourcing have developed an interactive map displaying the latesting travel regulations by country. Countries are marked Total Restrictive, Partially Restrictive, No Regulation Related to Coronavirus Implemented or Latest Updates Currently Under Review. Information is sourced from airlines, immigration authorities, ministries of foreign affairs and other government departments.

Top 5 Things You Need to Know Now in Hotel Digital Marketing
30 March 2020 | NextGuest

From SEO to social media and CRM, NextGuest have put together their top 5 considerations for your digital strategy during the time of COVID-19. This is a fantastic snap-shot of things you should be working while travel is on pause.

Coronavirus and the Travel Industry: Live Blog

Skift’s live blog is a great way to stay on top of coronavirus’ impact on the travel industry. Read the latest global news coverage on this sector and how it pertains to coronavirus. Their team also regularly comment on relevant stories in the media, providing further insight into the current state of affairs.

COVID-19 Hotel Recovery Strategy: The Journey to Recovery from Coronavirus
13 April 2020 | NextGuest

NextGuests’ guide to recovery for hotels is based on a three-phase approach: when travel is on pause, when travel demand starts to pick up, and when travel demand strengthens. To download the eBook, simply fill in your company details, email address and name. Their strategy touches on website content, reservations & cancellations, search engine marketing, revenue management, website conversion optimization and much more.

Coronavirus Battle Plan

Back in April, Tourism Marketing put together a comprehensive marketing battle plan for establishments in the tourism industry with the tagline “Assess. Adapt. Survive.” The article highlights various marketing strategies to consider during the pandemic. Coverage includes maintaining brand awareness, reassuring customers, cash flow and planning for when the crisis is over.

What will Travel Look Like After Coronavirus?
30 March 2020 | CNN

It’s difficult to imagine a post-coronavirus world in which the tourism industry is unaffected. With the scale of restrictions in place, the pandemic has been especially devastating to this sector. CNN Travel highlights eight things we can expect to see once recovery has begun, including standards of cleanliness, lower airfares, booking flexibility and more.

Department of Tourism Website SA

The official South African Department of Tourism website offers a wealth of information about coronavirus and how it affects the hospitality industry. From details about the COVID-19 Tourism Relief Fund and the latest publications, to a list of recent press releases and up-to-date news about the sector, it’s definitely worth keeping an eye on.

ASATA Updates

ASATA’s coronavirus webpage was developed to combat the sheer volume of inaccurate and unconfirmed information circulating online. The portal features daily COVID-19 infection numbers, the latest government updates, regularly uploaded news articles and the most recent supplier updates.

Your Online Presence is Now More Important Then Ever
3 April 2020

Enlight Strategic discuss the importance of your online presence as more people come to rely on digital technology to communicate, source information and transact during the coronavirus lockdown. They list five basic things to focus one, to ramp up your online efforts including user experience, content and information architecture.

UNWTO COVID-19 Portal 

The World Tourism Organisation, a United Nations Specialized Agency, has set up a section of their impressive website singularly dedicated to the coronavirus. The content covers all the ways in which the pandemic is affecting the tourism industry worldwide, lists current recovery initiatives, highlights global news, and highlights recommendations for action. Especially interesting is the impact assessment on international tourism and recovery projections for 2021.

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