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May 6, 2020 | Sarah Pitout
At Focus Online Travel we use a variety of tools to streamline social media content production and management.  Social media can get a bit tricky at times, so that’s why we decided to share a few essential tools. These save you time and help give your brand a professional look.


Canva aims to make the content creation process as simple as possible. This online graphic design platform has countless built in free templates, allowing you to create anything from Instagram stories to informative infographics. Upload your own images or choose from the selection of stock images and the drag and drop functionality makes it very user friendly. Canva saves time and gives you the opportunity to create a professional and eye-catching brand identity.


Dinsta allows you to download beautiful pictures from Instagram with ease. Simply copy the picture link on Instagram, paste into dinsta, click download and you can save the picture. Remember that when reposting a photograph to credit the page it was found on. This can be great for gathering and resharing user generated content.


This is a great site for sourcing royalty-free stock images. Unsplash helps when you are looking for specific pictures stock-lick to enhance a post or even your website. This can be used alongside Canva and it will take your brand to the next level with amazing professional pictures. While photographer credit isn’t required, it’s definitely encouraged, and is simple enough to do when posting on social media.


Campsite solves the one link problem on Instagram. Instead of adding your own website link to your Instagram bio, add a customised Campsite link, which then produces a directory to various different pages or posts on your website. It allows you to send your audience straight to the place you want them to go, without having to navigate your website itself.


This tool allows you to create custom URL links. Long URLs do not look professional and they can be intimidating. With Bitly you can take a long URL, plug it in, shorten it and customize it for a social media post.

There are an abundance of social media tools with many capabilities. Tools that can be used for scheduling as well as design. What are you currently using?


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